Eduardo has written or co-written 16 books published in over 20 countries, with major international publishers such as Penguin Random House, Planeta, Presses de la Cite or Giunti. He belongs to the “inner circle” of the storytelling agency Book on a Tree, founded by Pierdomenico Baccalario. Eduardo’s work includes:

  • Three popular science books on the topic of humour and positive emotions.
  • Three novels.
  • A children’s 5-book series, a set of comic-book stories for Disney, and another three books for children.
  • The autobiography of the Beatles’ hairdresser: The Cutting Edge.

Currently, only three of his books (aside from his doctoral thesis) are available in English: The Cutting Edge, Disney Storied Places, and Humans on Trial.  See also his author page on Amazon.

The Cutting Edge: The Story of the Beatles’ Hairdresser Who Defined an Era

“The best Beatles book for some time”

–  British Beatles Fan Club Magazine

The Beatles’ hair changed the world. As their increasingly wild, untamed manes grew, to the horror of parents everywhere, they set off a cultural revolution as the most tangible symbol of the Sixties’ psychedelic dream of peace, love and playful rebellion. In the midst of this epochal change was Leslie Cavendish, hairdresser to the Beatles and some of the greatest stars of the music and entertainment industry.But just how did a fifteen-year-old Jewish school dropout from an undistinguished North London suburb, with no particular artistic talent or show­business connections, end up literally at the cutting edge of Sixties’ fashion in just four years? His story – honest, always entertaining and inspiring – parallels the meteoric rise of the Beatles themselves, and is no less astounding.

Published by Alma Books, distributed by Bloomsbury Press in the UK, US and Australia, and available also in Spanish.

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Disney Storied Places (Penguin Random House / Dark Horse Comics, 2019)

A collection of comics stories built around the magical locations of animated feature films from Disney and Pixar. Visit castles, oceans, jungles, circuses, cities, deserts, and more–set before, during, and after the films!

Disney invites you to take a tour through the myriad places you know and love–from the castles of the Disney Princesses to the diverse cities across the Disney film worlds. Run wild through the jungle, then dive deep into the ocean, cross the warm savannah, and drop into amazing cities! Slide into the kingdom of Arendelle and witness the strength of sisters as you follow Anna and Elsa from childhood to adulthood. Venture through the world of Disney and Pixar animation–you won’t believe who you’ll run into: Peter Pan, Simba, Dumbo, Stitch, the Aristocats, Wall-E, Nemo, Mike and Sulley, and many more! Marvel at the glorious castles of Disney’s Princesses and follow a day in each of their unique lives! Choose your stops and take a moment to enjoy the sights around you in the wonderful worlds of Disney.

This collection is a fun assortment of original Disney stories from Disney Frozen, classic Disney animated films such as Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King, Robin Hood, and Zootopia, beloved Pixar films such as Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Up, and Wall-E, and stories featuring each of the Disney Princesses and the places they call home!

Humans on Trial (RBA Integral, 2006)

portada_ebook_marco_200x300“An extraordinary book… A delightful story, presented as a fable, that will appeal to readers of all ages. There is courtroom drama, gripping suspense, memorable characters and witty repartee. It is a tale that entertains while, at the same time, it raises important ethical issues concerning animal welfare and environmental stewardship. It forces us to think about humanity’s true place in the natural world… José Antonio Jáuregui and Eduardo, I salute you both. You have made a major contribution to the future of life, as we know it, on Planet Earth.”

Jane Goodall Ph.D., DBE
Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

Representatives from every corner of the Animal Kingdom have gathered in the jungle for an extraordinary trial. The Human Being is accused of atrocious crimes against its fellow creatures: Slander, Physical Abuse and Genocide.

The forked tongue of Kali the Cobra will provide evidence and arguments against our species, while Philos the Dog, friend and defense attorney, will do everything possible to save us from being condemned. Several witnesses will testify for and against the prosecution, including a cow, a bonobo ape, a chinese box turtle and even a mosquito.

In the end, Solomon the Owl, wise judge of this unprecedented legal case, will pronounce his veredict: Is Homo Sapiens a threat for all life on Earth, an arrogant, cruel and murderous species that does not deserve the freedom granted by its genes? Or can it still redeem itself before the rest of its fellow animals? The time has come for us to face the Law of the Jungle.

Humans on Trial is the last book and first novel of the celebrated Spanish anthropologist and intellectual José Antonio Jáuregui (1941-2005), described by Edward O. Wilson as “a pioneer in sociology and evolutionary biology, and an original thinker of the first rank”. When Jose Antonio died before finishing the manuscript, his son Eduardo edited and completed the text for its posthumous publication. Since then over 10.000 copies have been sold in three editions, and several theatrical adaptations of the book have been staged, in Spain, the UK and elsewhere.

This book is available in English for Kindle and other eReaders, and also in Spanish, Galician, Korean and Turkish.

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Conversations with my Cat (Ediciones B, 2013)

“Touching, intelligent, and very funny, not only for cat-lovers” –Elle Magazine (German Edition)

Conversaciones con mi Gata

On the verge of turning 40, Sara León isn’t happy. Her job in London no longer motivates her. Her relationship with Joaquín has gone cold. In her native country, Spain, the endless recession is strangling her family’s economy. But then Sybil enters her life: an elegant and mysterious Abyssinian cat who seems to know more about Sara than Sara herself. With her penetrating gaze, her peculiar sense of humour and the wisdom of a species that has studied humanity for millenia, Sybil will help Sara overcome her challenges and recover her dreams. Because though there may be many paths to happiness, only cats know the best back-alley shortcuts.

Rights to this novel have been sold to Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Brazil, Argentina, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, China and Korea.

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Sicilian Yoga (Ediciones B, 2015)

“Read Sicilian Yoga, it’s a beautiful book” –Radio Nacional de España


Lisa Vogel sells happiness, bottled by the most well-known brand in the world. But she can’t find the sparkle in her own life. Stressed at work, recently divorced, and with her father facing Alzheimer, she only seems to find peace of mind in her yoga classes.

Suddenly, she receives an unexpected inheritance from a distant Italian relative: a beachfront house in the small Sicilian town of Santa Caterina. Lisa decides to quit her job in Frankfurt and move to Sicily for a year, to refurbish the house for its sale. In the meanwhile, she’ll take a rest from her stressful lifestyle and try to find a new professional direction.

However, things won’t turn out as she planned. She will become, almost in spite of herself, the yoga teacher for the entire area. She will fall in love with the island, with its pessimistic yet cheerful people, its ancient and modern ruins, its maritime and volcanic energies. She will fall in love, also, with the wrong man. And she will find herself embroiled in shady dealings which are not spoken of in the Bhagavad Gita.

Foreign rights sold to France and Bulgaria.

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The Most Wonderful Story Ever Written (5-book series, La Galera, 2015)

“A classic adventure, entertaining and skilfully narrated”  –El País, Culture section.

cover_lowresThe most wonderful story ever written has been lost!

And even worse: Its heroes, villains, fantastical creatures and magical objects have somehow fallen into beloved classics such as Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Pinocchio, The Wizard of Oz and the Three Musketeers –ruining these books forever!

It will be up to Alba and Diego, two of the most passionate readers in the world, to magically enter these timeless stories, unmix them, and discover who is behind such terrible literary crimes.

In this thrilling quest through worlds of fantasy and around the real globe, they will be guided by their Aunt Bea, member of a secretive brotherhood of book merchants, the Keepers of the Immortal Stories. They will also be aided by literary critic Leo Gutenberg and Nero, a wise but rather messy Ink Genie.

Will they manage to save the most wonderful stories ever written before the ink dries and it is too late?

Rights to this 5-book series have been sold to Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Turkey.

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50 Secret Missions to Help You Survive in the World of Grownups

An manual for young secret agents willing to investigate the mysterious world of adults, with 50 real missions to be completed. Each mission will require the agent to face many dangers, but will allow him or her to uncover new secrets of those shady characters who seem to be everywhere, and whose behaviour is so difficult to decipher: grownups. From frying an egg to publishing a webpage or changing a diaper, 50 exciting and unforgettable adventures await you!

Originally published in Italy. Rights sold to Spain, Japan, Korea, China, Turkey, Serbia and Poland.

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The Pirate Queen

“No one will believe my story, I know. And yet, I must tell it: the tale of that extraordinary woman —a saint to some, a devil to others— known to legend as the Pirate Queen. For all her sins —stolen gold, sunken ships, an entire city razed to the ground— I hold myself responsible. Whether I acted rightly or wrongly in those early days of the Empire’s conquest, only the Lord above can judge. In any case, this is my confession.”

—Miguel de Sevilla, Santa Cruz de la Palma, 1559

When the Spanish conquistadors are unable to defeat the fierce Awara warriors on the island of La Palma, they resort to the vilest treachery. Daida, daughter of Tanausu, is captured and boarded on the conquerors’ ship, as a gift for the Catholic Kings. But the indomitable girl swears revenge before her sun-god Abora, against those who betrayed her people. Daida escapes and becomes the corsair known as the “Queen of Pirates”, a notorious liberator of slaves throughout the New World. And one day, she will return to La Palma to fulfil her oath.
Published in Italian; rights sold to Greece.

El sentido del humor: manual de instrucciones (RBA Integral, 2007)
The sense of humour: a user’s guide

“Eduardo Jáuregui is an expert on the subject and an accomplished comic writer. His book is both more profound and more fun than might at first be supposed.”  –Antonio Fraguas “Forges”, Spain’s most admired political cartoonist

El Sentido del Humor

Is stress getting the better of you? Are you bored by humdrum routine? Do you think the world is a mess? Don’t worry. The sense of humour is coming to the rescue.

The sense of humour, by Eduardo Jáuregui, is a necessary reference guide for life in the 21st century, aimed at helping you make the most of that invaluable biological mechanism which so many people seemed to have stored away in the furthest corner of the mind’s attic: their natural capacity for fun, play and laughter.

Humour is a powerful biotechnological application with a wide array of functionalities. It connects and communicates people without the need for cables or Wifi. It promotes health with no side effects. It generates a tremendous amount of productive energy without polluting the atmosphere. And though it cannot mow your lawn or provide you with a range of speeds for chopping up your vegetables, it allows you to have more fun while carrying out your everyday chores and overcome your bad mood when the lawnmower eats up your fifty-pound note or the food processor sprays you with soup.

Based on solid scientific research and packed with hilarious examples and practical exercises, this manual will help you to find, tune-up and reactivate your rusty sense of humour, to understand all of its mysteries and to apply it in everyday life with the skill of the wisest fool.

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Alta diversión: los beneficios del humor en el trabajo (Alienta, 2008)
Serious fun: the benefits of fun at work

“When you do things with a sense of humour, they are just as serious but much more bearable. This book will help you do so.” –Mikel Urmeneta, founding partner and creative director of Kukuxumusu

Alta diversion_portada

Have you always suspected that it was possible to mix business and pleasure? Do you wish your coffee break were more like school recess? Would you like more toys in your office? If so, this book is for you. Here you will find everything you need to turn your business into a more fun environment:

  • Scientific proof of the benefits of humour at work: stress relief, improved motivation and creativity, better decision-making, effective communication, closely-knit teams, and attracting and keeping your customers.
  • Exercises and initiatives for using wit to reduce interpersonal tension, boosting innovation through play, and generating a fun atmosphere.
  • Effective techniques for communicating any message with a dash of humour, from announcing a bonus payment to more sensitive messages: petitions, criticism, bad news…
  • Surprising ideas for attracting the attention of clients and initiating with them a closer and more playful relationship.
  • Ten steps for creating a fun company, based on the experience of extraordinary cases such as Google, Southwest Airlines, IKEA or Pike Place Fish.
  • In all, over 300 tried and tested applications of humour at work, implemented in all kinds of organizations worldwide, from large financial institutions to the corner cafe.

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Amor y humor (RBA Integral, 2009)
Love and humour

“I admit it. On page twenty I laughted out loud for the first time, and it wasn’t the last. This guy has that gift. He knows how to make you laugh in person and in his books. The most recent one, Love and humour, is a wonderful essay”. –Paloma Leyra, subdirector of Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar and other publications


Love and humour are two key ingredients of wellbeing, and two of the most profound mysteries of human experience. But there is more, because according to positive psychology, there exists a very intimate relationship between tickling and caressing. The people with whom we laugh most easily are also those we love most dearly –and vice-versa. Flirting is a playful but essential activity in the game of love, not to mention that of sex. In the long run, couples who laugh and play together last longer and are more satisfied with their relationships. Love and humour are twin pillars of mental health, two complementary emotional bonds, a pair of lovers who laugh, play and desire each other with madness.

In this original and amusing essay, full of hilarious, sweet, sexy and inspiring examples, Eduardo Jáuregui explores the relationship between love and humour, based on the scientific studies that have identified humour as one of the essential skills of the true art of loving, and love as one of the essential components of the true sense of humour.

Love and humour is a perfect ilustration of Danish comedian Victor Borge’s celebrated quote: “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”.

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