Serious Fun

In 2004, Eduardo founded Serious Fun (Humor Positivo in Spanish) together with the education expert Jesús Damián Fernández.

Eduardo_Jesus_HUBSerious Fun is the first (and only, as far as we know) Spanish consultancy devoted to the application of humour, play and positive emotions in the workplace.

Eduardo and Jesús have delivered insightful and action-packed conferences and training sessions, designed and facilitated surprising and fun events, and advised organizations as to how to add a bit of playfulness to their everyday routine, their brainstorming sessions and their customer relationships. They have even designed humorous ad campaigns, one of which received three awards at the Smile Festival, the European Festival of Humour and Advertising. They have been featured in practically all major press, radio and TV media in Spain, as well as many in Latin America, Portugal and the UK.

Their client list include many very serious corporations, including IKEA, General Motors, Oracle, Sanitas, TOUS, Olympus… They have also worked for many universities, the public sector and NGO’s.

_MG_6829They are also the promoters in Spain of Fun at Work Day (the 1st of April), a holiday which is not yet as well-known as Christmas or Halloween, but which certainly deserves to be so.

¿Do they have fun in their work? Of course. But more importantly, they enjoy helping others to have more fun.